The Monarch is a private membership community not open to the general public. Our members have access to our facility and some of the best, most unique musical experiences in the city. Being a Monarch member is also one of the best ways to support original artists in our community.

here’s how it works

An Artist collective with a community perspective

We’re not a bar, not a restaurant and we don’t sell anything. It’s like a BYO country club for musicians, music lovers and creative folks. An Artist collective that’s shared with Patrons in our community. We need each other.

Key cards provide at-will access so you can come n’ go as you please. We’ve worked hard to make it feel like home around here. It’s a DIY community built on trust, as it should be. We’ve been curating this space with comfort, vibe and music in mind. Our listening room provides the most intimate performance venue in town.

As a nonprofit organization, we are sustained through our memberships, fundraising and the generosity of the community. Our members make this place work and this place will be as great as we make it.

Starting at $25


The best way to connect with fellow artists and patrons in our community. We provide Artist Members with a safe space to create, collaborate, perform, learn, connect and grow.
Starting at $50

Patrons & Music Lovers

The best way to support original artists in our community. Patron members have access to our private club and the most unique musical experiences in our city.

Membership FAQ

Answer: Most events are member only, some events are shared with the public
Our members are typically Musicians and/or Music lovers, Artists and/or Patrons of the arts. We pride ourselves on being a safe, equitable and inclusive community.
Artist members can bring guests. If your bandmates want to use member services, we hope they will become members and share in supporting our community.

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